The Ewha MBA program develops women business leaders who can play key roles in world economic growth. We offer customized business education for women on the basis of the market concept policy. Our graduates are multi tasking managers who can handle diverse areas of business. We offer theory and practice for a well balanced education.


The Ewha MBA program does not follow the traditional two-semester system. Rather, the academic year is divided into six mini semesters , each of which lasts for seven and a half weeks. With the mini-semester system, students can gain more exposure to a variety of subjects.

Mini-SemesterThis table demonstrates Mini-Semester





Spring 1

Spring 2


Fall 1

Fall 2


Women Leadership Education

The Ewha MBA program offers a women’s leadership course that prepares women to become effective leaders in society. Ewha has been well known for womens education and as a hub of women’s development for 120 years. The Ewha MBA offers women leadership and ethical management programs on the basis of our professional know-how. Students solve various real-world business problems, and maximize their capabilities.

Tailored Education

Ewha MBA students can customize a program of study to suit their individual needs. Students gain not only professional knowledge, but also executive capabilities, both of which are applicable in the real business world. They develop expertise in a variety of fields with a choice of twelve concentrations. We also offer a student-centered education with a waiver policy; students can waive nine core courses depending on their academic and/or professional background.

Practice-centered Education

The Ewha MBA offers a practice-centered education reflecting the needs of the business world; a mandatory internship, CEO business policy study for acquiring executive ability and the building of business networks, and a practice-centered lecture cooperative with business companies. Our program’s Career Care Center provides top quality information and consulting services to maximize our students’ career development.