Major Track

Major Track

To meet the various needs of students, the Global MBA program operates a track system. Students acquire a detailed degree in 7 general major tracks, which are divided into detailed majors. To acquire a major track, students should meet requirements before graduation.

Track System

Track SystemThis table demonstrates Track System through section, track name, required credits and core courses
Section Track Name Required Credits Core Courses
General Major Track Accounting More than 9 credits

Interpretation of Financial Statements1(1.5)

Interpretation of Financial Statements2(1.5)

Strategic Management Accounting(1.5)

IFRS Financial Statement Analysis(3)

Cost Accounting(3)

※ Must complete more than 1 course of Strategic Management Accounting or Cost Accounting

Finance More than 9 credits

International Finance(1.5)

Global Banking Practice(3)

Coporate Financial Strategy(3)

Insurance and Pensions(1.5)


Financial Derivatives(3)


Behavioral Finance(1.5)

Management Decision Science More than 9 credits Analysis for Business Decisions(3)
Supply Chain Management(3)
Recent Topics in Management Science(1.5)
Business Simulation Modeling(3)
Management of Service Operations(1.5)
Management Information Systems More than 9 credits

Management Innovation and Future Organization Practicum(3)

Database Management Systems & Big Data Computing(3)

Project Management(1.5)

Smart Business(3)

Cloud Computing(3)

Strategic Management of Technological Innovation(1.5)

Marketing More than 9 credits

International Marketing(3)

Quantitive Marketing Research(1.5)

Marketing Strategy(3)

Marketing Communication(3)

Brand Management(3)

Services Marketing(3)

Consumer Behavior(3)

New Product Development Management(3)

Business-to-Business Marketing(3)

Retail Marketing(3)

HR Management & Strategy More than 9 credits

International Business(3)

Organizational Development and Innovation(3)

Leadership Practicum(3)

Corporate Entrepreneurship(3)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship(1.5)

Analysis of Human Resource Management(3)

Women Leadership Development Program(3)

Business Analytics
More than 12 credits
Statistical Analysis Methods Using R(3)*
Big Data Programming(3)
Applied Machine Learning(3)*
Analysis for Business Decisions(3)
Quantitive Marketing Research(1.5)
Financial Derivatives(3)
Database and Big Data Computing(3)

※ Must complete Statistical Analysis Methods Using R and Applied Machine Learning
Art Business More than 12 credits
  • Cultural Foundations of Luxury and Luxury Business(3)
  • K-Culture & Business(3)
  • Introduction to Business(1.5)
  • Money Talks: Global Contemporary Art Market(3)
  • Financial Management for Art Business Companies(1.5)