Course Structure

Frontier MBA draws upon a wide array of disciplines to help students develop their analytical skills and acquire a well-rounded perspective. Our curriculum ensures that you have a solid knowledge of core business disciplines and the interpersonal skills to apply this knowledge effectively.

Course StructureThis table demonstrates Course Structure through major credits, elective credits and required credits

Major Credits

Major Credits

Elective Credits

Required Credits

12 18 15 45

Required Courses (30 Credits Total)

Required Courses for GraduationThis table demonstrates Required Courses for Graduation through section, title and required credits.
Sector Titles(credits) Required credits
Courses (General)
Statistics for Business(1.5) 18
Managerial Economics(1.5)
Finacial accounting(3)
Understanding of Organizational Behavior(3)
Operations Management(3)
Marketing Management(3)
Financial Management(3)
Management Information Systems(3)
Strategic Management(3)
Required Courses
(Art & Luxury MBA)
Brand Management(3) 12
Global Art Market and Art Management(3)
Cultural Foundations of Luxury and Luxury Business(3)
Business Art and Aesthetic Management(3)


ElectivesThis table demonstrates Electives through sector, title(credit) and required credits



Required Credits

Elective Credits Consumer Behavior(3) 21
Marketing Communication(3)
Retail Marketing(3)
Case Study of Luxury Brands(3)
Foundation of Art Business Management and Curating(3)
Understanding of Cosmetic Business(3)
Digital Management of Luxury Business(3)
Branding Methods of Global Luxury Fashion Industry(3)
Status Quo of Globalized Modern Art Market(3)
Luxury Event Design(3)
Life Style Strategies of Luxury Brands(3)
Design Thinking(3)
Study Trip 1,2 (Art & Luxury)(3 credits for each course)